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The Common Metrics Used for Measuring Online Casino Games

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No matter what kind of online casino game youre looking at, there are certain metrics that can be used to measure it and categorize it. There are three main measurements that we want to look at here that can be used to analyze the games that you already enjoy so that you can find other games that youll also be likely to enjoy playing.

These measurements arent necessarily precise, mathematical values that you need to find. Instead, they are general ideas and a little more abstract than concrete at times. The first measurement is pretty straight-forward, and thats the house advantage on the bets that you play. This one is a little tricky sometimes because a lot of games have bets with different respective house edges. For most games, however, you can get a general idea of what the best bets are like and the general range for their respective house advantages.

Games with a low advantage are the best, obviously, but while a one percent rate might seem low, its possible to get the house advantage down to less than one-tenth of that depending on the games you play, so its all relative. The second metric we want you to consider is something that youll be familiar with if you follow the articles on this site. The variance of the game in general and of the bets you make is extremely important because it tells you how bad your swings are going to be and how conservative you have to be with your bankroll management strategy. A high variance means you need to be more conservative because the swings are going to be bigger, and a low variance means you need to be more aggressive since the swings will be smaller on average.

Finally theres the skill element. The skill element is the difference in house advantage between someone who is skilled at the game and someone who is not. The point of looking at this metric is to decide how much skill is required to play a game and enjoy it. Video poker and blackjack are good examples of games with a large skill element while European roulette is an example of a game with no skill element at all because every single betting option has the exact same house advantage no matter how you arrange your bets.