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Online gambling has a bad reputation. It is perceived as an industry with a single aim - taking people's money. But aren't all other businesses the same? The goal of any business is to make profit, after all. And even social games, which are marketed as being free, will have you look at their ads, thus making a living. Online casinos are at least not hiding their profit generating intentions behind big words - they tell you in your face that you'll need to bet real money to win. But there are some operators that go beyond the legal to make profits. Usually operating on the "grey market", aiming their services at people with no legal online gambling possibilities at hand. Sometimes they are companies making use of certain loopholes in legislation, but sometimes they are shady companies with a single aim - make money by any means necessary. Here are some signs to look out for when trying a new online casino.

Sign #1: No business name
Any legitimate online business will publish the name and address of its operator. This applies to online shops, service providers and casino operators as well. Royal Vegas Online Casino, part of the Buffalo Partner Group, lists Digimedia Ltd. as its owner, along with its main office address, in the footer of its website. Digimedia operates several other reputable online casinos along with Royal Vegas - brands like the Vegas Palms, the 7 Sultans, or the Platinum Play among others. The lack of business names listed is a bad sign.

Sign #2: No phone number
Using email to contact a business is easy, but a phone call can be much easier and quicker. Unless, of course, the business has no phone number listed on its website. Which is the case of many shady online casinos out there. As opposed to these, Royal Vegas has not one, but 30 phone numbers listed on its website, along with other useful contact methods, like Skype, iMessage or WhatsApp. The phone numbers are grouped by language, and have the hours when they are live listed besides them.

Sign #3: No progressive jackpots
I don't know how exactly licensing of progressive slots works, but I've seen a correlation between the lack of pooled progressives and the service quality of a casino. For a long time I thought Realtime Gaming has no progressive slots, until I finally stumbled upon a legitimate RTG casino with Shopping Spree and Mid-Life Crisis among its games.